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Know yourself before dating. You are now subscribed.

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Ken's Dating Tips - Tip #24 "Know Yourself, Be Yourself"

Know yourself before dating

Movies like "Sixteen Candles," "Pretty in Pink" and "Dirty Dancing" showed me that anything was possible if you just had the love of your life by your side. One moment you're just dating, and the next you've been together for years. Back when I was jumping between relationships, I did not see any issue with my behavior, but in reality, I never gave myself time to properly mourn and move on or learn from my mistakes. Or looking for later? I brandish my introvert badge with chutzpah. The thing about this method is that it never really goes away; it may be months or even years later, but the lesson you didn't take the time to learn will reappear in your life, forcing you to focus on it. Our moods improve when someone new walks into our lives. I went to museums and hung out in coffee shops. I had to figure out my life and my personal goals. Your deal breakers? I traveled to developing countries. I decided to learn how to be real. Relationships are our favorite double-edged sword. I simply covered up any uncomfortable emotions with a new person to sleep with, pushing away my troubles. Know yourself before dating

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Know yourself before dating

Know yourself before dating

Know yourself before dating

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    What are your goals? When you eat clean, you feel better. What Your Core Values Are When it comes to cultivating a relationship, which core values are most important to you?

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    Turn your positive thoughts into words and eventually actions.

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    So far, I write — here on Medium, and a lot more in my journal. Get out there and experience life.

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