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Ways to make your butt look bigger. Watch Next.

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Ways to make your butt look bigger

A small purse makes your butt look bigger. Pockets that are placed slightly lower on your cheeks give the impression that your butt is perkier. If you don't want to show off your butt like it's a disco ball, just say no to fabric that is shiny. You can either rock this look with head to toe tight fit, like in a body-con dress or mix it up with a tight pencil skirt and a loose top. A dark indigo will make your butt look smaller and tighter — or at least make it less-noticeable overall. You don't have to be Kardashian rich to afford a nice pair of yoga pants. Also, don't get pants that hit right above your ankles just because they make your butt look good. Keep it tight around your waist. Butt Enhancement 16 Fashion Decisions that Make… Aside from taking the stairs instead of the elevator and doing lunges at the gym, there are other ways to make your butt look bigger and more beautiful. Don't get pants that you can't breathe in and don't get pants that sag in weird places. But it shouldn't be collapsing and hanging off your butt. It's like a fashion forward optical illusion walking down the street. Narrow does not mean skin-tight all the way down. Do you think Kim is rocking granny panties or a pair of oversized boxers under her skin tight dresses? If you want to be like a Kardashian and have all eyes on your booty, a trumpet skirt is definitely the way to go! Ways to make your butt look bigger

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Ways to make your butt look bigger

Ways to make your butt look bigger

Ways to make your butt look bigger

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    Thongs help your butt to look bigger since they leave your bum almost entirely exposed. Pick the wrong frame and the whole art piece is ruined. Wearing yoga pants is like wearing nothing at all.

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