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Girls with a big butt. Would you buy your spouse sex toy if you’re going on a long journey?.

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Girls with a big butt

They can cheer you up instantly! So if you got a girl with a big butt, never let her go. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. I bet they would serve better than a pillow and that was the exact answer these men I interviewed gave. It can streamline your silhouette. Not a salad girl. When she's not working or working out, you'll find her honeymooning with her husband and Instagramming away. They are like drugs There was a study that proved that big butts affect the part of the male brain that is triggered by alcohol and drugs. Because babies need this particular kind of fat for brain, nervous system, and eye development, some biologists think that a bigger butt could translate to brighter kids. Let's be honest, huge butts are always great to sleep on. Oxford went on to research the female body in their study and found they possess higher levels of leptin and dinopectina. Also, they are featured not only in magazines and on TV but big butts have also appeared in songs and movies. They make for the best cuddle buddies. Girls with a big butt

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Girls with a big butt

Girls with a big butt

Girls with a big butt

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