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Gay marriage equality quotes. Explore Topics.

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Joe Rogan - LGBT & Gender Identity

Gay marriage equality quotes

Boys and girls. It provides a stable environment to raise kids. It is the first line for health care. And then, after that, look me in the eye and tell me that my family is not worthy of equal protection under the law. Congrats America! It creates financial stability. It's about something greater. For social democrats, it may include the right to a variety of government benefits. Please join us for our family meals. All you need is Love. No court has extended the equal protection clause to salmon. It will be used to vilify Americans who are unwilling to assent to the new orthodoxy. Gay marriage equality quotes

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Gay marriage equality quotes

Gay marriage equality quotes

Gay marriage equality quotes

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  1. Nikoktilar says:

    I think that freedom means freedom for everyone, Cheney said. The Constitution grants them that right.

  2. Jurn says:

    In the course of its opinion, the majority compares traditional marriage laws to laws that denied equal treatment for African-Americans and women. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. I have plenty of friends who are committed couples; some of them call themselves married, some don't, but their friends treat them as married.

  3. Nishura says:

    How can a better informed understanding of how constitutional imperatives [whatever that means] define [whatever that means] an urgent liberty [never mind], give birth to a right?

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