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Boobs and bum. Related Articles.

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Boobs Pressings Butt screwed in Public- kissing in butt and boobs

Boobs and bum

Breasts Vs Butt: The bum-chums: So they would have evolved first, copulated first, become rich first and therefore have evolved organisational skills. Never mind. Breasts are believed to mimic the posterior in shape and form and therefore, men who prefer breasts actually prefer butts. What evolutionary psychology seems to be telling us is that, when it comes to a serious relationship, faces and personalities really do matter. Chris Bourn is a writer and editor who has writed and edited for many a title, including British Maxim and Time Out. In the experiments, 59 percent of the men who took part preferred booty to boobies — a far higher number than in similar tests in other countries, where breasts are almost always preferred. The need to make sure their DNA is carried as far into the future as possible. They have a primal need to overcompensate for this major lack in sense in them, and so and therefore and hence, they have evolved into exhibitionists. They should be nuts about butts, but instead are hooting over hooters. These fellows love boobs and also love being the centre of attention. They also tend to have roles in finance. But is there anything that these three distinct breeds have in common? Yours truly sifted through their research to give you the low-down. This development, Burriss suggests, was caused by thousands of generations of men preferring more noticeable breasts. Boobs and bum

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Boobs and bum

Boobs and bum

Boobs and bum

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    These men seem to have a host of common traits, which include an obsession with being organised and neat. These are found across the globe, and reportedly hold a majority in Argentina and the US the latter is probably due to the Kardashians. Having either sexier or more fertile daughters results in their hottest mate-attracting features being passed down to more and more women through subsequent generations.

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    He does stories for MEL covering health, happiness, and how things came to be.

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