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Tribe on homecoming and belonging. Consistent Navigation.

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Sebastian Junger on the Challenges of Coming Home from War

Tribe on homecoming and belonging

The poorest people in modern society enjoy a level of physical comfort that was unimaginable a thousand years ago, and the wealthiest people literally live the way gods were imagined to have. The chief problem is that Junger is nostalgic for a world that never existed — at least not for most people. Violence within these communities was rife, and not only directed against enemy tribes. The thesis of Tribe is straightforward. There is a chapter on societies coming together in the wake of natural or human-made disasters, and how that edified the survivors. It is written by Sebastian Junger , a prize-winning author, war journalist, and maker of two outstanding documentaries on the conflict in Afghanistan. Indeed, quite the opposite. He admits to growing up in a comfortable American suburb where nothing happened. These elevated risk factors are present even if the veteran had never experienced the terrors of combat. Junger traffics in really broad generalizations, and in drawing really specific conclusions from them. In many countries, desperate poverty leads to devastating civil wars. Being loved and giving love are fundamental to human happiness and health. To make his argument, Junger draws heavily on his analysis of Native American communities. Something that would make us feel like a tribe. Tribe is presented as a kind of revelation. We all have a strong instinct to belong to small groups defined by clear purpose and understanding-- "tribes. That is what he claims he is seeking, after all. Tribe on homecoming and belonging

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Tribe on homecoming and belonging

Tribe on homecoming and belonging

Tribe on homecoming and belonging

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