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How to get a good guy. More From Thought Catalog.

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Where To Go To Find Good Men: Matthew Hussey, GetTheGuy

How to get a good guy

Activities that you enjoy Shutterstock When you're searching for a nice guy, it's time to shift the focus onto yourself and concentrate on the different activities and pastimes that are important to you. After all, many free dating apps and sites have a reputation for attracting some men who are only interested in hooking up with someone, who aren't looking for anything serious, or who like to play the field. However, if you're actually serious about finding a kindhearted man, you have to fully believe in your heart that he's out there in the first place. If you want a good guy to stick around, you have to let him know that. People have too many options. In addition, not only does volunteering allow you to do something good for others and enable you to provide help to those in need, but the very act of volunteering has been proven to be highly beneficial for your emotional, mental, and physical health and well-being, all of which can make you more alluring to the opposite sex. And since these types of events are built around talking to others and exchanging information, it's an easy way to make a connection with someone that could one day turn into a long-lasting school romance. And while other types of parties and special occasions are also places that can enable you to meet a nice guy, a wedding is likely more selective in terms of who was asked to attend. At any given moment a guy can sit down at a dating app and immediately have endless options of women from which to choose. He wants to take on the world with you, not for you, so calm down little miss independent. Let him take care of you a little bit. If you lie about yourself to appear more desirable, remember the truth always has a way of coming out. On the flip side, resolving to stay positive is a crucial step on your journey toward finding the nice guy you truly want and deserve. How to get a good guy

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How to get a good guy

How to get a good guy

How to get a good guy

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    Not only does becoming active in your religious community help to open the door to meet nice men who also share your beliefs and values, but you may also meet people in the community who know someone who's perfect for you and want to set you up on a date.

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