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French pen pal letter example

The children then set up a letter exchange with the contacts they make in those countries. Your name and address The name and the address of the person you're writing to Place and date The purpose of your letter Opening paragraph — 1 paragraph The "meat" of your letter why you're writing - 2 to 3 paragraphs Closing paragraph — 1 paragraphs To see how this structure pans out in real life, check out the example below! The activities facilitate intercultural understanding. There are two ways to say where someone is from. I'm at your disposition if you need any additional information and I wish that you would, Madame, Monsieur, accept my respectful salutations. For the teacher, French Pen Pals Made Easy does not require fluency and is time-saving - little or no preparation is require. However, the phrases we used above are very versatile, and you can recycle them to fit your purpose. Et comment dit-on pour une femme? The letters we wrote introduced us to each other — and a new language. Now onto the grammar. French pen pal letter example

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French pen pal letter example

French pen pal letter example

French pen pal letter example

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    The easy part: In these two short paragraphs, you have managed to: Thanks to the French university system Juliette has been able to keep up language learning alongside her business degree; her English now puts my faltering French to shame.

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    It is beautiful and old. I am going to take ballet. Outro Jeremy:

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