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Crip walk video. Recommended video.

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Bloods & Crips (B-Walk Vs C-Walk)

Crip walk video

Don't get it twisted. It was also used after killing someone to give the kill a Crip signature. Does the C-Walk still denote a serious gang ritual, or is it just a harmless dance? Just this past Friday, for example, a bloody minute long brawl broke out between the notorious rival gangs — the Crips and the Bloods — in New York's Rikers Island prison. Gang members would often spell out the word "Bloods", the name of their rival gang, before crossing it out with a nimble movement of the feet. Unsurprisingly, she was criticized for her celebratory move of choice, as the dance's origins lie with the infamous Crips gang. The dance was originally used by Crip members to spell out their names and other Crip symbols. It's a dance [now]. One theory about the name "Crip" is that the younger gang members acted like pimps and the limp in their walks had neighbors calling them "cripples," later cut short to "crips. MTV declined to broadcast any music videos that contained the Crip Walk. It was used by Crips at parties to display affiliation, particularly vis-a-vis rival gang the Bloods. You didn't create it; it grew to you. This ain't no fad; this'll get you killed … This ain't no walk; this ain't no dance. Crip walk video

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Crip walk video

Crip walk video

Crip walk video

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    Back to their signature step, the real question is: Lil Bow Wow did it during a performance, and in the documentary, Ice-T commented, "[Bow Wow] was pretty nice with it, but [he] don't know nothin' about no Crippin' … [Crips] take Crip Walkin' and Crippin' dead serious.

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