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Rule 34 axel

Afterward another 7 meetings and 12 hours of video conferences were held. Additionally, treatment recommendations offer the physician a standardized, reproducible, and in Germany commonly accepted algorithm based on AOSpine classification and 4 morphological modifiers. The following specific parameters have to be regarded and are proposed as morphological modifiers in addition to AOSpine classification: Results A total of studies were identified by the systematic search using the defined criteria. The aim of this study was to establish recommendations for treatment of thoracolumbar spine fractures based on systematic review of current literature and consensus of several spine surgery experts. The main messages of all included studies are summarized in Table 1. A Place in the World: Members of the expert group were recruited from all over Germany working in hospitals of all levels of care. Another 35 publications were excluded based on the full articles. A methodological assessment of the included studies was not performed, but we included only minimum level-3 evidence studies. This volume takes a comparative look at local historical writing. Whereas Wood et al 1 , 4 found no advantages between operative stabilization compared with nonoperative treatment in patient with thoracolumbar burst fractures, Siebenga et al 2 reported significantly higher radiologic kyphosis and significantly higher pain scores after nonoperative treatment. Rule 34 axel

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Rule 34 axel

Rule 34 axel

Rule 34 axel

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    Local histories, it turns out, pursue a variety of agendas. Treatment has to be indicated individually based on clinical presentation, general condition of the patient, and radiological parameters.

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    The 19 members of the expert group were recruited from all over Germany working in hospitals of all levels of care. Thus, the aim of this review is to offer the surgeon the best available objective criteria to choose an appropriate treatment strategy by integrating the current literature until and by analyzing fracture stability based on the new AOSpine classification, 6 including newly introduced morphological modifiers enabling the surgeon to describe the fracture pattern more specific. For further evaluation and input, the recommendations were sent several times via emails to all members of the Spine Section.

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    Clinical presentation and general condition of the patient are basic requirements for decision making.

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