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Job speed dating bolzano. Placement service and Career Development.

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Job Speed Dating - Italiano

Job speed dating bolzano

During my time as an undergrad I devoted myself to issues like data mining and machine learning. I looked at them and chose EMSE for its international outlook and the possibility to spend the first year in one country and the second one in another. Not at all. MIM graduates typically pursue careers as general and operations managers, management analysts or management consultants, as well as in the fields of marketing, product development, project management. I must say it was a very positive experience. Professional coaches advise MIM students on their professional careers. Virginia Tech, USA. So she sent me a bunch of links for Master Programs that I might be interested in. International business competitions provide MIM students with the opportunity to interact and compete with peers at international level, at partner Universities and institutions e. Do you perceive it as a constraint? Job speed dating bolzano

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Job speed dating bolzano

Job speed dating bolzano

Job speed dating bolzano

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