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1956 hairstyles. 50s Hairstyles Updos.

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The Most Memorable World Cup Hairstyles Of All Time

1956 hairstyles

There was one look that went with all of the short and long hairstyles- short bangs. The trend started in the 40s with actress Betty Grable whose long hair was tightly curled and upswept into a poof on top of the head. Wigs and hair pieces continued to be worn, becoming an essential hair accessory in the s. It was only an inch or so longer than the poodle clip but the curls were tousled instead of tight, with spit curls to frame the face and the neckline. Brushing the hair backward instead of around the face was also a new concept for the 50s. Hair had to be re-cut every two weeks as well. A setting lotion could be applied and hair dried off under a hooded dryer. There were other short cuts too, like the butch cut. Wigs were also popular — a quick and easier way to have the latest fashionable style without having to resort to the time-consuming and potentially painful process of straightening. Keep in mind curling hair will shorten it. Also used to add length or volume as fashions changed quicker than hair could grow, or to be able to turn short hair into an updo for the evening. Italian Passion Dorothy Dandridge with the popular Italian cut hairstyle, as seen first on Italian actresses. If women wanted bouffant hair then why not have a bouffant hat too? The First Five Thousand Years. Top L to R: 1956 hairstyles

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1956 hairstyles

1956 hairstyles

1956 hairstyles

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  1. Barn says:

    First lady Jackie Kenedy was the first famous woman to adopt the bouffant hairstyle. The best Italian styles looked long but never extended below the chin with a side part and volume on top or all around. Bouffant s Hairstyle Angie Dickinson bouffant hairstyle The bob and the Italian cut were both short hairstyles that were quickly outdated when the new Bouffant hairstyle developed around

  2. Takus says:

    This had a huge influence on how people saw themselves and the world around them. Even products not meant for hair at all were used! Headbands helped when growing out shorter hairstyles like the Italian cut.

  3. Mezizshura says:

    Once straightened, hair could be cut and styled however the wearer wanted. Hats were being made wider and taller than prior years enhancing the bouffant hairstyles.

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