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Nicknames for country girls. Reader Interactions.

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Nicknames for country girls

Dew drop — she is like the moist fragile dew drop that wets the earth in the morning quenching its thirst. Boo — Louisiana Cajun endearment. Beautiful mind — for the girl who is not only beautiful but has a great mind. Moll — s meaning girlfriend. Cupcake — she is small and sweet like a cupcake. Angeleto — Little angel. Dove — soft beautiful and somewhat fragile like a dove. Sweetness — she is your sweetness. Foxy lady — and yes you can play Jimi Hendrix Foxy lady for her. Passion fruit — full of passion and sweet and juicy like the fruit. Itoshii aisuru — Japanese for dear love. Scrumptious angel — your angel that is totally scrumptious. Nicknames for country girls

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Nicknames for country girls

Nicknames for country girls

Nicknames for country girls

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  1. Zulum says:

    The character Major Margret Houlihan was known by this name, and so were girls across the country, almost overnight. Button — she is cute as a button Dream lover — she is a dream and the song says it all.

  2. Fenrigor says:

    Cara Mia — my dear in Italian. Why would you call your girlfriend poop?? Brown eyes — same as blue eyes.

  3. Shakarr says:

    Try them out in sentences like:

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