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Guam massage parlor. 5 comments.

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The TRUTH About Erotic Massage Parlors [How to get a "BJ"]

Guam massage parlor

A fair massage at a competitive rate, but keep an eye on the clock or you'll be paying a much less competitive price for a much shorter massage than expected. The facilities- no dressing room or showers, no robe, no locker, the bathroom is not even in the spa. The staff was accommodating and refunded me the difference, but it took multiple calls to managers. Ok price for an ok experience The spa is easy to find on the ground floor of the Guam Plaza Hotel. At one point they just copied down all my credit card info and were going to just keep that lying around until someone who knew how to operate the credit card machine could refund me. Eventually we settled on cash, as I did not want my credit card info floating around. My massage was actually under 60 minutes total. I booked a 90 minute massage online, it was easy to book and hassle free upon arrival. The Bad: It's not relaxing to go to a spa and have to be watching the clock. The spa itself is somewhat small for a hotel spa. Guam massage parlor

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Guam massage parlor

Guam massage parlor

Guam massage parlor

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    The pros: The staff was accommodating and refunded me the difference, but it took multiple calls to managers. My massage was actually under 60 minutes total.

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