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Asian young lesbian

There are two possible explanations for this phenomenon. The measure used to determine sexual orientation is the first limitation. Risk of HIV among Asian American Lesbian and Bisexual Women Our findings suggest that lesbian and bisexual Asian American women have a significantly higher risk for HIV than exclusively heterosexual Asian American women, as evidenced by higher rates of multiple sex partners, anal sex, sex while drinking or taking drugs, and sex with risky sexual partners. Asian women who had a college degree or were in college were more likely to have ever had anal sex, sex while drinking or taking drugs, and sex with a potentially risky partner, compared with women with less education, controlling for lesbian or bisexual identity, ethnicity, age, birthplace, and acculturative stress. We must continue monitoring the health issues of Asian American lesbian and bisexual women as part of population-based surveys of health behaviors. Issues of identity development among Asian-American lesbians and gay men. A qualitative analysis. Journal of Adolescent Health. Furthermore, future studies should focus on articulating and testing longitudinal and mediated pathways of risk among Asian American lesbian and bisexual women to identify key mechanisms for prevention and intervention programs to target. Risk and protective behaviours of bisexual minority women: International Nursing Review. An untold story. Therefore, researchers should consider how representative samples with multidimensional measures of sexuality could add depth to our understanding of nonexclusively heterosexual orientations and health. Asian young lesbian

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Asian young lesbian

Asian young lesbian

Asian young lesbian

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    There are two possible explanations for this phenomenon. To this end, there may be differences of lesbian and bisexual identity among the women within this subgroup, which is the second limitation. In terms of risky sexual behaviors, approximately 1 out of 10 women reported having more than one sex partner in the past 6 months

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    Thus, because our sample is skewed toward a higher education group, this limitation should be taken into account when interpreting the results of the study, because specific cultural and other norms of this geographic area may have influenced the participants' responses.

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    Results should therefore be interpreted with this in mind. The results of chi-square tests showed that the proportions of risky health behaviors among lesbian and bisexual women were significantly higher than those of exclusively heterosexual Asian American women in all categories, except for binge drinking during the past 12 months.

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