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Anal cherry sex story

Sara backed off a little and then almost like she gave in to the intense feeling of lust began to kiss Melissa passionately. Ash then reached around and grab hold of my dick still inside her and I thought she must be tender and can't take anymore; but she pulled it out and to my surprise shifted it up,I could feel it against a real small opening which was squinting fast and tight she then forced back on me and I felt my cock tear into somewhere tight as oh God the squeeze with the squint and it wasn't warm it was hot, I realized my cock was entering her tight ass. Sara looked at my wife and smiled and kind of nestled herself in to my wife. My moans of painful pleasure filled the air. I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass. My wife had no idea what Ash was giving up around the back, I got about two independent half inches of my cock up Ash's ass she rocked as if she was willing to take more, I knew I was inside it's as if I had kicked in a door. One thing we hadn't yet done was anal sex but it was something my boyfriend had mentioned doing a few times. How did it end? It landed on my belly and chest. What sexual behaviors took place e. My wife on the other hand was fucking sexy she had a raised arched ass and a hot body to die for, oh that sexy tight body makes my cock hard every time. Anal cherry sex story

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Anal cherry sex story

Anal cherry sex story

Anal cherry sex story

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